Vision and Mission


The trust was formed with an avowed mission of providing modern facilities of Health, Education and Social upliftment in and around the rural areas of Vadodara District. The main object of the trust was to create awareness in the rural people regarding the need of coming out from their age old cultural moorings, customs and superstitions and cultivate a sense of unity in philanthropic activities so as to have a congenial atmosphere to livelihood of self employment.


To Uplift Socio-Eco & Educational level of the mankind, by extending the highest level of facilities. Also to provide the utmost medical aids through multi-utility hospital and Mobile Medical Centers


To provide medical services along with other amenities and welfare measures to the needy and weaker sections with affordable and at free of cost under the supervision of affectionate, caring and expert doctors and medical staff

To create a strong foundation for an integrated educational system suited to the fast changing world today. A multi-dimension institute with modern classrooms and curriculum, as well as facilities for sports, spiritual & cultural interest, and the fine and performing arts to create and develop world class citizens with strong, character and leadership skills to venture into the competitive world of today and excel in their respective fields by taking up challenging careers and emerging successful in the coming days.

To assist the rural population for their upliftment by way of modern cultivation in agriculture, sanitation, health care awareness against superstition, bigotry, self-employment, imparting vocational training courses, women empowerment through education and creating awareness regarding the importance of childcare, small family norm, nutrition, helping women to acquire skills for improving their social and economic conditions, introducing home based income generation activities etc.


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